Disability Services Explained

Why You Should Choose Supported Independent Living

by Gilbert Hopkins

As you grow older, it is natural to wish to maintain your independence in as many ways as possible. However, there are times when you may need extra support to maintain your standard of living. Supported independent living offers a superb alternative for seniors or individuals with disabilities who seek additional aid with their daily activities. It provides the necessary support while maintaining their autonomy and enhancing their quality of life. Supported independent living offers a wide range of advantages that are worth your consideration.

Read on to explore why you should choose supported independent living to maintain your independence.

Personalised Care and Support

Supported independent living provides residents with personalised care and support that ensures they receive the right level of care and assistance they require. Individualised care plans are created that cater to each resident's unique needs.

Moreover, this care is tailored to the resident's preferences and support services are made available at the right time, ensuring that they maintain their independence with confidence.

Home-Like Living Environment

Supported independent living provides apartment-style living that often features housekeeping services, home-cooked meals and a safe, secure environment for residents. The apartments have a home-like feel that includes private bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

This environment provides residents with everything they need to feel comfortable and at home, making the transition to supported living more manageable during this challenging time.

Socialisation Opportunities

Supported independent living provides socialisation opportunities that can boost residents' morale and enhance their well-being. These social activities include regular events and outings and purposeful on-site programs that cater to each resident's interests and specialties.

This type of environment creates a sense of community, reducing social isolation and keeping residents engaged and motivated.

Access to Health Care

Individuals residing in supported independent living arrangements often benefit from a comprehensive array of healthcare services. These services encompass the expertise and assistance of registered nurses and healthcare aides who deliver tailored care and support.

Additionally, medical professionals can assist in medication management and provide basic medical care as needed. With this support available, residents can maintain their independence safely.


Supported independent living is often less expensive than other senior care options, making it an affordable option for many seniors. Additionally, many residents qualify for government subsidies, which can offset the cost even further.

Supported independent living offers several benefits that make it an excellent option for anyone looking to maintain their independence. These benefits include personalised care, a home-like living environment, socialisation opportunities and access to healthcare.

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