Disability Services Explained

4 Features of Specialist Disability Accommodation

by Gilbert Hopkins

Are you considering specialist disability accommodation? If so, understanding the features associated with these types of accommodations can help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, read about four features that are commonly found in specialist disability accommodation and how they can benefit those living with a disability.

Feature 1: Accessibility

One of the most important features of specialist disability accommodation is accessibility. This includes wheelchair access, as well as wider doorways and hallways to accommodate mobility devices. It also means that bathrooms are designed to be accessible for those using wheelchairs. These design elements provide more independence for those who require a wheelchair or other mobility device to get around.

Feature 2: Onsite Support Services

Onsite support services are another key feature in specialist disability accommodation. These services may include regular visits from nursing staff, help monitoring medications, and assistance with meals and housekeeping tasks. This type of support helps people living with disabilities maintain their independence while ensuring their health and safety needs are met.

Feature 3: Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems allow people living with disabilities to control various aspects of their homes easily and safely. This includes controlling lights, fans, air conditioning, blinds and security systems — all from one central control panel or smartphone app. Home automation systems can also be programmed to remind residents when to take medications or alert them if there is an emergency, such as a gas leak or fire alarm activation. These features provide peace of mind for both the resident and their family members or carers alike.

Feature 4: Assistance Animals

Assistance animals can provide vital emotional and physical support to individuals with disabilities. Specialty disability accommodation often allows for animals such as guide dogs, therapy pets and emotional support animals, ensuring that their owners are able to stay connected to their beloved companions.


Whether you need specialist disability accommodation now or are considering it for the future, understanding the features available can help you make an informed decision about what kind of home would best suit your needs. From home automation systems that provide added safety measures to onsite support services that ensure your health needs are met, there is no shortage of features available in specialist disability accommodation. If you would like further advice or information, contact a company that supplies specialist disability accommodation today and ask about which elements that may be right for you.